SHAPE offers a variety of programs to help get kids active:

Action Heros

Active Transportation: Park & Walk

Walking Buddies

Walking School Bus

Action Heroes is an after school program that empowers students to take ACTION of
their active transportation journey. The program runs for 4-6 weeks, once a week,
for approximately 1 hour in school gymnasiums and outside in the schoolyard. Action
Heroes offers an after school alternative program for elementary students, incorporating
20-30 minutes of physical activity, and 30 minutes of instruction and interactive
Various areas of Active Transportation are explored at each weekly session, all which
included aspects of health, safety, community, and individual choices.

Topics and activities included:

  • YOU are an Action Hero – including a discussion about taking responsibility and ownership of using active transportation on a daily basis
  • Appreciating Our Community – conducting a school ground walk-about to identify elements the students appreciate, safety issues,
  • hazards, acceptable and unacceptable pedestrian and vehicle behavior, and documenting school signage
  • Monitoring Traffic – through the use of radar guns, students track the speed of vehicles, and count the number of passengers and those vehicles car pooling
  • Tracking Your Steps – SHAPE lends students pedometer for the duration of one week and students log total amount of steps each evening
  • Action Heroes Passport – throughout the 4-6 weeks, students are responsible for making the effort to use and record their use of active transportation (for at least 10 minutes) in their ‘Action Heroes Passport’
  • Celebrating Progress – each session students are rewarded for their use of active transportation and completion of their Action Heroes Passport. For every 10 entries in their passport, students are eligible to enter their name in a draw for prizing at the last Action Heroes session.

For students who are not involved or do have the opportunity to be involved in extra
curricular activities, Action Heroes, a program that is great for all socio-economic
communities – everyone can participate!

Are you interested in running an ACTION HEROES program at your school or community group? Email for more information!

This health initiative has been created in collaboration by AMA School Safety Patrol™, the City of Calgary, Alberta Health Services and SHAPE. It is a health promotion campaign encouraging students and parents to walk to school.
Why walk? It’s a good habit for your children to develop; something they can sustain as they grow up which can lead to better health in later life. It’s a good time to bond too – parents spend on average 49 minutes a day with their children, so walking to school is a practical and free way to get in some quality time.

Need to drive? Then Park & Walk. If you have to take the car because you live a long way or need to get to work, why not park a short distance from school and then walk 5-10 minutes the rest of the way? If you take public transit, pick a route that allows you to walk a few blocks.
Check out the following resources for more information on how to start a Park and Walk at your school!​

QUESTIONS? For further information contact:

Lisa Nowlin-Clayton
Ava de Hann

Walking Buddies is a program that encourages students in Alberta to use active transportation (walk or roll) to and from school or organized community groups with at least one other student or peer.
If you are a school, classroom, or community group interested in participating in Walking Buddies, and would like a Walking Buddies Kit mailed to you, please contact Lesley McEwan at 780-406-8530 or Your Walking Buddies Kit will include master copies of the Walking Buddies forms, Star zipper pull awards, newsletter inserts, safety tips for parents and students and more!

Is traffic congestion a problem around your school? Why not consider a Walking School Bus as a way to reduce traffic congestion and get more students walking to school safely?
A Walking/Cycling School Bus is an organized program that sees students walking or cycling to and from school in a group along a designated route under the supervision of an adult volunteer.
If you would like:

  • Written resource book about the Walking School Bus
  • Details of the next Walking School Bus workshop in your area
  • Presentation made to your school or community regarding the Walking School Bus

For more information please click HERE to view or download the WSBGuide.

Click here to download.