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Wheel Week is held the first week of June every year. It is an opportunity to celebrate and encourage students to bike to school on a regular basis. For many communities this is also Bike Month so check out what is happening in your local community!

Open to everyone!
Join schools, community groups, workplaces and individuals to participate by wheeling your way to work, school and/or anywhere!
Participate any or every day of Wheel Week, June 5-9, 2017, on any type of wheels that are self powered or by walking!


Bike to School Week is always the first week of June

Date: June 5-9, 2017
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How To Organize Your Event

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  1. Notify everyone – parents, children, teachers and neighbours – of the event in advance. (Use posters, newsletters, school announcements, school assembly).
  2. Invite special guests to join you (Mayor, City Councilors, School Trustee, MLA, and Police)
  3. Clearly outline your plans. Event is for everyone to walk or wheel all or part of the way to school! If cycling, wear your bike helmet, follow traffic safety rules, and be sure to bring a lock for your bike at school.
  4. Create a festive atmosphere and celebrate participation. Give a token reward (a hand stamp or sticker) to each participant and/or a chance to win a draw prize. Have local cheerleaders, mascots or special guests greet students upon arrival.
  5. Create an award for the class with most participants that could be presented at a school assembly. School Council may wish to sponsor award.
  6. Take photos of your event at your school and add them to the school’s Web site or newsletter. Invite local media to attend

​For more ideas for Bike to School initiatives and Bike Safety Tips, check out the SHAPE Resource Manual.